CONTRARIWISE Submission Form

Thank you for submitting your work to CONTRARIWISE! In doing so, you certify that you are a secondary school student, that this is your original, unpublished work, and that you are eligible for the category you have selected.

The two international contests are open to secondary school students worldwide. The CSS contest and CSS open call are open to CSS (Columbia Secondary School) students only. The open call is open to CSS alumni as well.

We strongly encourage sole authorship but will consider pieces by two authors. No submission should have more than two authors.

All fields must be completed. If you have difficulty filling out the form, or questions about any of the fields, please contact the editors.

The deadline for all submissions is December 1, 2016, 23:59:59 UTC-12. Winners will be announced in January 2017; winning pieces will be published in the fourth issue of CONTRARIWISE, to be released in March 2017.

International Contests:

1. Is it moral to arrive somewhere late? Take and explore a position examining the morality of lateness. You may wish to consider why one is late and how this affects others. This may take the form of an essay, story, poem, dialogue, late pass, or other written work.

2. Describe an invention of your own making that solves a philosophical problem. This may be recipe, short story, poem, or any other written work. Be sure to describe both the philosophical problem and the invention, and explain how the invention solves the problem. (You may include illustrations.)

CSS Contest (open to students of Columbia Secondary School):

Is keeping a strict moral code morally sound? Put forth your thoughts regarding this question. This may take the form of an essay, story, poem, dialogue, or other written work.

CSS Open Call (open to CSS students and alumni):

Submit your philosophical writing--essays, dialogues, poems, stories, utopia projects, and more!

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