Submission Guidelines

  • General Submissions: Open only to secondary students at Columbia Secondary School.

  • International Contest: Open to secondary students students outside the United States.

  • National Contest: Open to all secondary students students in the United States.

  • Art Contest: Open only to secondary students at Columbia Secondary School. Must be submitted in black and white.

  • All submissions must be completely original.

Submission Due Dates

November 27th (the Monday after the Thanksgiving break) for general submissions and the national contest.

December 1st for the international contest.

What to Submit

CONTRARIWISE Volume Five is now open for submissions!

Every year CONTRARIWISE receives incredibly thoughtful, funny, and insightful submissions from students all over the world, and we want to publish YOUR work in Volume 5.

    • General Submissions:

    • You can submit any genre of writing including poems, fictional constitutions, essays, dialogues...anything as long as your work explores a concept, word, or idea in a unique or amusing way. To get ideas look at past volumes. Submitting assignments you are proud of from your philosophy course is also a good idea.

    • International Contest:

    • Imagine ‘justice' as a building. What does it look like? How is it planned and built? Who builds it? What kind of structure does it have? What is inside, and what happens inside? How does it affect its surroundings? Your response may take the form of an essay, story, poem, dialogue, letter, real estate advertisement, architectural prospectus, or other written genre. You may provide black-and-white illustrations, but the written part must be capable of standing on its own.

    • National Contest:

    • Are there any situations in which envy is justified?

    • Art Contest:

    • Take the word "contrariwise" and create a piece of art that you feel embodies it in meaning or essence.

    • Infrequently Asked Questions:

    • Ever wonder about the answers to fascinating, infrequently asked questions? Let us know! More details can be found on the contests page.

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